How to Prevent Diabetes Using Natural Ways

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Diabetes is the major concern of today because in 2012 more than 2.2 million deaths were recorded due to a rise in blood sugar. It is spreading so fast that if it was a contagious disease than health experts would have said diabetes to be epidemic. It is spreading so fast due to the rise in the rate of obesity. Diabetes is now common at a young age.

The good news is that you can prevent diabetes from happening. Most people in the world are suffering from pre-diabetes but they are unaware of it because their sugar level is not as high as it would if they have diabetes.  About 9 out of 10 people can avoid diabetes in the following ways which we will discuss below.

Although, there is a certain factor which can diabetes which you cannot change like genes, inheritance, age, and past activities. But there are many ways by which you can avoid the risk of getting diabetes.

Prevent Diabetes

Do more physical Exercise

Physical Exercise will not only make you lose weight but it is very beneficial to avoid diabetes. When you do the exercise you will be losing weight and in addition to losing weight, your cell sugar gets used up leaving cells to deprive of sugar. When your cell doesn’t have enough sugar it will absorb from the bloodstream with the help of insulin.

An extensive study found that doing exercise increases insulin sensitivity to more than 50 percent. Other researches have confirmed, the role of physical exercise in lowering the risk of developing diabetes.

Change Your Diet

Diet is also very important because eating food rich in sugar and carbs can develop diabetes. So, you should avoid such things in your diet. A study has shown that people who have a diet rich in carbs and sugar have more than 40% chances of developing diabetes.

In your diet try to have as much liquid as you can, but avoid using carbonated drinks. Research has shown that drinking plenty of water can control blood sugar levels and insulin response.

Try to have a diet that is low in carb and rich in fiber because after eating food with low carb body glucose will raise slightly so, insulin will easily tackle such rise. Moreover, fiber also can reduce the sugar content in the blood. The research found that a diet with low carb can reduce the insulin up to 50 %. In addition to the low carb diets, try to have cinnamon, Curcumin, Berberine, Coffee, and Tea in your diet.

Leave Sedentary Life

You have to turn off your TV and get on your foot. Remaining idle for many hours can make you obese and can put more sugar in your bloodstream to be handled by the insulin. If you are not working then the cell can be full of sugar so, insulin will unable to add more in it. Research has found that walking for just half an hour can reduce the risk of diabetes to more than 30%.

In another study, it was concluded that watching television for 2 hours can increase the risk of developing diabetes up to 20%. Not only risk of diabetes is increased but also the risk of heart disease and early death also increases.

Get Rid of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

If you think smoking is just related to the lungs then you are wrong. Smoking can affect the whole body. The research concluded that there are 50% more chances of developing diabetes in smokers than in nonsmokers.

In addition to smoking alcohol consumption also increases the chance of developing diabetes. The research found that drinking alcohol also increases the chances of developing type-2 diabetes.

Final Words

Diabetes which is caused by inheritance and another infectious disease cannot be avoided but certain factors can help in reducing the chances of developing diabetes. The 4 main factors that can reduce the risk of developing diabetes are having exercise, changing the diet, leaving sedentary life, and leaving smoking and alcohol consumption.