How to Fight Insomnia At Home

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Insomnia or sleeplessness is a bitter problem as the sufferer keeps awake fornothing. It takes a heavy toll on the overall health of the sufferer. It has been to dealt with carefully and immediately because if not taken care of in time, it may disturb other functions of the body causing mental fog, lack of decision making, hormonal disturbance and much more.

Insomnia can be beaten and overcome if you introduce a few simple changes in your lifestyle. Here are a few for your consideration:

1- Same Time of Going To Bed 

if you make a routine of going to bed same time daily, you will feel you have started getting sleep as soon as you hit the bed. It will reprogram you body and mind and your mind will start getting an affiliation with the bed. So choose a time of going to bed when your body is tired and you seem to feel drowsiness. You will feel the difference after a few days.

2- Restful Sleep Environment:

Your bed should be a place of comfort and solace for you. You should make sure, it has proper lighting, temperature according to the season and there should be no noise around you. It will ensure a restful slumber that helps your mind perform its cognitive functions well. Similarly your bed mattress should also be comfortable. It should not too soft or too hard.

3- No Smoking or Alcohol:

Over-indulging in smoking, alcohol or even food makes you uncomfortable. It disturbs sleep as well other bodily functions.

4- Exercise Daily:

You have read it countless times that exercise on regular basis helps body perform its functions optimally. Such is the case in insomnia. A simple brisk walk can do the job and it can optimize sleep inducing hormones in the body naturally.

5- Herbal Sleep Supplements:

If you want to have a good sleep at night, you must consider adding a herbal sleep supplement in your daily routine. The supplement should be made of herbs that help sleep and should non habit forming. In this way a good night sleep is possible and it will help you awake in a joyful mood the next day.



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